User Guides

User guides with step-by-step instructions and useful tips are available for each of the Documents Online modules. These can be printed or downloaded.
For whom?
A small number of official documents are first issued with a restricted status; access to these items is reserved for WTO Members and selected Observers. Restricted documents are posted in a protected version of Documents Online, accessible via the WTO Members' site. A login ID and password are required to access this database.

Accredited representatives of WTO Member countries, other official authorized Agencies and selected Observers only are issued with a login ID and password, upon request.

How to obtain a password?
User IDs and passwords are issued to the Heads of Delegations to the World Trade Organization only; to obtain a password, please contact the appropriate Delegation directly.

The same user ID and password allow access to Documents Online and all the protected resources available on the WTO Members' site except the IDB/CTS Internet Facilities, for which separate passwords are available to authorized users upon request.

Contact Documents online
For all queries or feedback concerning Documents Online please contact [email protected] or +41 (0)22 739 5048 or +41 (0)22 739 5966

Contact IDB/CTS Internet Facilities
e-mail: [email protected]