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Doc # 13-2859
English title Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures - Notification - Macao, China - Food
French title Comité des mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires - Notification - Macao, Chine - Aliments
Spanish title Comité de Medidas Sanitarias y Fitosanitarias - Notificación - Macao, China - Productos alimenticios
Contents Objective: Food safety. Description of content: The subject of Law No. 5/2013 "Lei de segurança alimentar" (Food Safety Law) is to protect public health and safety through regulating the supervision and management of food safety, food safety risk prevention, control and countermeasure, as well as food safety incident management. The law is applicable to food production and business operation, as well as the use of food additives and food-related products in commercial foodstuffs, but not for medicine that contains proprietary Chinese medicines and other Chinese herbal medicines specifically for sale in Chinese pharmacies, that are regulated by other legislations. "Lei de segurança alimentar" lists the authority of IACM in the food safety area, and the obligation of public or private entities to provide assistance. The law elaborates the establishment of food safety standards, risk monitoring, risk assessment and prevention and control measures under the premise of prevention and control. In addition, the law also includes a penalty system, including criminal liability and administrative penalties.
Topics sanitary and phytosanitary regulations ; food standards ; public health
Country / territory mainly concerned Macao, China
Other countries / territories mentioned
Bodies Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Articles SPS 07 Annex B
Products foodstuffs
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Document type Notification