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Symbol G/TBT/N/ECU/327 Status Complete
Date 20/09/2016 Derestricted on
Doc # 16-4990
English title Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Notification - Ecuador - Food supplements
French title Comité des obstacles techniques au commerce - Notification - Équateur - Compléments alimentaires
Spanish title Comité de Obstáculos Técnicos al Comercio - Notificación - Ecuador - Suplementos alimenticios
Contents Objective : The aim of the notified Sanitary Technical Regulation is to establish the requirements governing the issuance of sanitary certificates for food supplements. It also establishes the requirements for the production, processing, formulation, labelling, quality, safety, advertising, control and monitoring of food supplements in establishments that manufacture, store, distribute, import or market such products. This Sanitary Technical Regulation is binding on natural and legal persons, whether Ecuadorean or foreign, who are responsible for manufacturing, importing, exporting, storing, distributing or marketing food supplements throughout the national territory. Description of content: The notified draft Technical Regulation covers the following: Purpose and scope; Definitions and abbreviations; Sanitary certificates; Renewal of and changes to sanitary certificates; Certification of good manufacturing practices; Criteria for the formulation of food supplements; Packaging and labelling; Other authorizations; Marketing and advertising; Operating permits for food supplement establishments; Derogations; General provisions; Transitional provisions; Amending provision; and Final provision.
Topics technical barriers ; technical regulations
Country / territory mainly concerned Ecuador
Other countries / territories mentioned
Bodies Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - 1994
Articles TBT 1994 02.09.02
Products foodstuffs
Pages English 2
Pages French 2
Pages Spanish 2
Document type Notification
Country/territory notifying (01) Ecuador
Country/territory affected (01)
Name (01) Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade Art. 2.9
Short name (01) TBT Art. 2.9
Topics (01) Technical barriers to trade
Measure type (01) Technical regulations (TBT 2.9)
Periodicity (01) Ad hoc
Members req. to Notify (01) WTO Members
HS 210690
ICS 67.040