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Doc # 18-7189
English title Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Notification - Uruguay - Labelling in packaged foods
French title Comité des obstacles techniques au commerce - Notification - Uruguay - Étiquetage des aliments emballés
Spanish title Comité de Obstáculos Técnicos al Comercio - Notificación - Uruguay - Etiquetado de los alimentos envasados
Contents Objective: The troubling situation in Uruguay with respect to obesity. Description of content: Ready-to-eat foods packaged in the absence of the customer must have a front-of-package label if sodium, sugars, fats or saturated fats have been added during their preparation.
Topics technical barriers ; technical regulations ; labelling
Country / territory mainly concerned Uruguay
Other countries / territories mentioned
Bodies Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - 1994
Articles TBT 1994 02.09.02
Products labelling (food)
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Document type Notification