Collection WT Access level Public
Symbol WT/ACC/SPEC/VNM/7 Status Incomplete
Date 05/10/2006 Derestricted on 07/11/2006
Doc # 06-4775
English title Working Party on the Accession of Viet Nam - Accession of Viet Nam - Draft Schedule of Concessions and Commitments on Goods
French title Groupe de travail de l'accession du Viet Nam - Accession du Viet Nam - Projet de liste de concessions et d'engagements concernant les marchandises
Spanish title Grupo de Trabajo sobre la Adhesión de Viet Nam - Adhesión de Viet Nam - Proyecto de lista de concesiones y compromisos en materia de mercancías
Keywords accession to wto ; goods ; concessions ; tariff concessions ; tariff schedules
Country / territory mainly concerned Viet Nam
Other countries / territories mentioned
Bodies Working Party on the Accession of Viet Nam to the WTO
Articles WTO XII
Pages English 558
Pages French 558
Pages Spanish 558
Document type Schedules of concessions