Document types

Particular form or structure of WTO documents that share similar characteristics, which help the correct dissemination of their content.

In Documents Online we identify the specific type in which the content is presented and add this information as a keyword to facilitate the retrieval and understanding of the documents published.


Find below some examples:

Document type Description


Document issued in order to announce the meeting of a specific WTO body with the proposed agenda.


Document imparting an opinion or information from external sources (Members). The title usually contains "communication".


Actual and final resolution reached by a specific WTO Body.


Unofficial documents given a number beginning with "JOB". Corresponds to JOB series.


Writing records of a meeting (referred also as reports or summaries).


Brief record or written message. Usually used in documents containing "Communication from the Appellate Body" in the title.


Formal written notice from a Member handled by the CRN.

Panel report

Formal record of the proceedings of a meeting or a decision issued by a specific panel. *Only used in Dispute Settlement.


Formal record of the proceedings of a meeting or a decision. Usually in the title "Report" issued by each division.

Thereby, the system allows searches based on this parameter. You can search here.


[Download here the full list of Document types in PDF]