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IP/PublicCouncil for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
IP/C/PublicGeneral documents
IP/C/W/PublicWorking documents
IP/D/PublicRequests for Consultations
IP/N/1/MEMBER/C/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Copyright and Related Rights
IP/N/1/MEMBER/D/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Industrial Designs
IP/N/1/MEMBER/E/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Enforcement
IP/N/1/MEMBER/G/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Geographical Indications
IP/N/1/MEMBER/I/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Industrial Property
IP/N/1/MEMBER/L/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Layout-Designs (Topographies)
IP/N/1/MEMBER/O/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Other
IP/N/1/MEMBER/P/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Patents (inc. Plant Varieties)
IP/N/1/MEMBER/T/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Trademarks
IP/N/1/MEMBER/U/PublicNotifications (Article 63.2) - Undisclosed Information
IP/N/2/MEMBER/PublicNotifications (Articles 1.3 and 3.1) - Rome and Berne Conventions  (see also: IP/N/5/MEMBER ) 
IP/N/3/MEMBER/PublicNotifications (Article 69) - Contact point
IP/N/4/MEMBER/PublicNotifications (Article 4(d)) - International agreements related to the protection of intellectual property
IP/N/5/MEMBER/PublicNotifications (Article 9, para.1) - Berne Convention (see also: IP/N/2/MEMBER ) 
IP/N/6/MEMBER/PublicNotifications - Checklist of issues on enforcement
IP/N/7/PublicNotifications (Article 67) - Contact point for technical cooperation on TRIPS
IP/N/9/MEMBER/PublicNotifications - Public Health - Importing countries - Specific needs
IP/N/10/MEMBER/PublicNotifications - Public Health - Exporting countries - Compulsory licences
IP/Q/MEMBER/PublicQuestions and replies - Copyright and Related Rights
IP/Q2/MEMBER/PublicQuestions and replies - Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Industrial Designs
IP/Q3/MEMBER/PublicQuestions and replies - Patents, Layout-designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits, Protection of Undisclosed Information and Control of Anti-competitive Practices in Contractual Licences
IP/Q4/MEMBER/PublicQuestions and replies - Enforcement
JOB(year)/ (1999-2009)
JOB/IP/ (2010-)
MembersInformal restricted documents issued by the Council
RD/IP/ (2014-)Members Restricted room documents issued by the Council
IP/C/PublicAnnual reports
TN/IP/PublicCouncil for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights - Special Session
TN/IP/W/PublicWorking documents
JOB(year)/ (2002-2007)
JOB/IP/ (2010-)
MembersInformal restricted documents issued by the Council - Special Session
WTO/AIR/IP/Members Airgrams