Official working languages

The official working languages of the WTO Secretariat are English, French and Spanish.

All formal documents (i.e. documents bearing a symbol) are produced and disseminated in the three official languages of the WTO, with the following exceptions:

WT/DAILYB/ 'Daily Bulletin', distributed only in English
PANELIST/ CVs of Panelists, distributed in the language of submission (not translated into the other official languages)

Posting of documents by language

Most official documents are not generally circulated simultaneously by the WTO in the three languages. Documents are first disseminated in English (or in their original language of submission when the English version is not available) and then distributed in the other official languages after the translation process is complete.

A small number of document series, however, are always distributed simultaneously in the three official languages of the Organization:


External vacancy notices


Dispute settlement


Protocols and Lists of Concessions


Trade Policy Reviews Government reports


Trade Policy Reviews Secretariat reports